09 March 2021

Turkey Release Roadmap About Human Rights

Turkey takes another important step on human rights. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared Human Rights Action Plan. (02.03.21) President Erdoğan spoke at the Human Rights Action Plan Introductory Meeting in Bestepe National Congress and Culture Center. Erdoğan, laid the foundations of Judicial Reform with “Judicial Reform Strategy Document” at Bestepe National Congress and Culture Center at 2019. Erdoğan, stated that he was glad that the kept his promise and he added: “Almost two years ago when announcing the Judicial Reform Strategy Document to the nation from this venue, we had stated that the Strategy was the initial step for future reform.” The Action Plan includes 9 goals, 50 objectives and 393 activities. The plan, which is based on the fundamental principles of human rights, is expected to bring many innovations in the judicial system. The plan, which is based on the fundamental principles of human rights, is expected to bring many innovations in the judicial system.

Fundamental Principles

The vision of the Action Plan is “Free individual, strong society; a more democratic Turkey” and Plan has 11 fundamental principle. These principles are as follows;

  1. Human beings have natural rights which are inalienable, and the duty of the state is to protect and advance these rights.
  2. Human dignity, as the most fundamental of all rights, is under the effective protection of the law.
  3. Everyone is equal before the law without any discrimination based on language, religion, race, colour, gender, political views, philosophical beliefs, sect or other reasons. 6
  4. The overarching principle for administrative activities is to provide public services to all with integrity and in an equal and impartial manner.
  5. Legislation includes clear, understandable and foreseeable rules without room for doubt and public authorities implement these rules with due regard for the principle of legal security.
  6. There can be no interference with the freedom of contract which violates the principle of legal security and the protection of acquired rights.
  7. The state protects and fosters the freedom of enterprise and the right to work on the basis of free market rules based on competition and the social state principle.
  8. Judicial and administrative procedures are conducted by protecting, safeguarding and enforcing the presumption of innocence, the right not to be labelled as a criminal and the principle of individual criminal liability.
  9. No one may be deprived of their liberty for expressing their views or criticism by respecting the personality rights of others.
  10. The rule of law state prevails in all areas to guarantee rights and liberties as well as justice.
  11. Anyone whose rights are alleged to have been violated shall have unfettered access to effective legal remedies; access to justice is the basis for respecting rights and freedoms.


  1. A stronger human rights protection system
  2. Indepence of judiciary and stronger right to fair trial
  3. Legal predictability and transparency
  4. Protection and development of freedom of expression, organization and religion
  5. Strengthening personal freedom and security
  6. Ensuring the material and spiritual integrity and private life of the person
  7. More effective protection of property rights
  8. Protecting fragile groups and strengthening social welfare
  9. High administrative and social awareness on human rights

Vision of the Action Plan, strengthening the understanding of the rule of law based on human rights. Therefore necessary activities prepared by the government. Especially several numbers of reform have been applied to juidical system and individual rights and freedom have been handle. In this context; efforts were made to strengthen the independent and impartial judiciary, to improve freedom of expression and the press, and to expand religious freedoms.

“The Human Rights Action Plan has been prepared to address the expectations and demands of our nation. Each reform effort has been the product of the understanding and passion that we share with our nation to ensure greater freedom, participation and pluralistic democracy. This is true for the Human Rights Action Plan as well. We will continue to stand with our citizens to protect them against all kinds of threats that target human dignity, belief, values and life. As always, we derive our strength and confidence from the wisdom of our nation who has made this territory her motherland for centuries by creating prosperity from diversity.”