10 February 2021

Turkey’s 'Women in Commerce' app is ready to use

Turkey’s 'Women in Commerce' app is ready to use

A first in Turkey; 'Women in Commerce' mobile app which is prepared with the cooperation of KAGIDER, BUKIAD and KAISDER, has launched. As of now, a total of 224 entrepreneurs associations and 1.200 women entrepreneurs, has registered to the database of the mobile application.

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER), Bursa Businesswomen and Executives Association (BUİKAD) and the Association of Women Employers and Entrepreneurs (KAİSDER) has signed a new project in the fellowship. Turkey, bringing together on a single platform in general women entrepreneurs 'associations and individual women entrepreneurs' Women of Commerce was opened access to the application.

The mobile application, which facilitates access to information for the public and private sector to make purchases through women entrepreneurs, also supports women entrepreneurs to do business each other. The project aims to reach 40 thousand women entrepreneurs in the first stage. 224 associations and 1200 women entrepreneurs has registered. One of the main features of the application is to make it easier for women to be aware of public tenders. All public tenders are available from a single link. In addition, the application is open to male members who want to make purchases from women entrepreneurs.

The Application can be downloaded from AppStore and PlayStore

The application, which allows women entrepreneurs to develop both their businesses and markets, includes information, events, and role model stories about entrepreneur support for women entrepreneurs. The application, which requires women entrepreneurs to access all necessary information from a single point, can quickly access the products and services of women entrepreneurs by making city, sector, product and company based searches. The mobile application of Women entrepreneurs, which was implemented with the support of the EU Partnerships and Networks Grant Program and prepared within the scope of the "Women's Communication Network in the Business World" project, can be downloaded from AppStore and PlayStore. A total of 224 associations and 1200 women entrepreneurs has registered in just only 10 days.

'If women are empowered Turkey strengthens'

Oya Eroğlu, Chairman of BUKİAD, pointed out the impact of the pandemic on women and said, “We know that the economy will improve as women get stronger, and as women entrepreneurship become widespread and female employment increases, we will become economically and socially stronger. If equality in business life is not achieved, it is predicted that the global economic loss will reach $ 1 trillion in 2030, while it is stated that if equality is achieved, the gain will be 13 trillion dollars."