22 December 2020

42 thousand women benefit from “Mothers at Work” Project

Approximately 42,000 women have benefited from the courses and programs organized within the 'Mother at Work Project' to support women's participation to the workforce.

Emphasizing that women with children (between the ages of 0-15) benefited from the project, especially the women who receive social & economic assistance and benefit from the Ministry's services in the field of combating violence against women, the Minister said:

"Mother at Work” departments have  established in 81 Provincial Directorates of İŞKUR. At first, Women those benefited from the project, joined the established departments in the provinces. In the provinces where there are no “Mother at Work” departments, they have benefited from job and vocational counselling services. More than 42 thousand women benefited. Our women also participated in vocational training courses and on-the-job training programs organized with at least 50 % employment guarantee after the department activities.”

The Minister: “We are taking important steps to empower women.”

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policies, stated that in addition to the daily compulsory expenses of the trainees, the women attending vocational training courses and on-the-job training programs, are paid 400 TL monthly for childcare support.

Selçuk underlined that they have taken important steps to empower women and the family in society by supplying qualified education opportunities, easing women’s engagement to the labor market, providing social security and increasing the number of women entrepreneurs.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk noted that legal regulations have been made to increase women's employment in the last 18 years and said “Achieving the developments in the world on women's employment and implementing policies that will strengthen women and the family are among our primary goals.”

İŞKUR's Mother at Work Project was launched in September 2018 to recruit disadvantaged women who cannot work due to child care.