23 May 2020

Minister Selçuk: We Mediated 402 Thousands of Disabled People to Work

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, noted that the employment of disabled people has increased, “From 2002 to the end of April 2020, we have mediated 402 thousand disabled people to work in the private sector. As we always say; dreams are unimpeded. Our target in the coming period; even more people with disabilities are involved in employment. ” said.

We support them to set up their dream business

"Our Ministry also provides support for the disabled to set up their dream job." Stating that they have benefited 2014 people from the grant support they provided for the disabled who want to start their own business since 2.291, Selçuk said that they have provided up to 2020 thousand TL by 65.

We help our disabled citizens participate in the labor market with our work clubs

Minister Selçuk stated that they help people with disabilities to get to know themselves and improve their job seeking skills in Business Clubs, which was launched in 2017 and reached 74, and added that they provide all kinds of support for sustainable employment with the Disabled Job Coaching project conducted in 69 different units. he.

Minister Selçuk stated that they used the opportunities to the full extent in line with the needs of the disabled citizens within the scope of the Job and Vocational Counseling service. made the explanation.

We Provided Early Retirement Opportunity

Stating that they provide disabled people with early retirement opportunities with less time and premiums, Minister Selçuk made the following evaluations:

“Loss rate in working power; We ensured that those between 40-49 percent get 18 years 4.680 days premium, 50-59 percent between 16 years 4.320 days premiums, and 60 percent and over 15 years of work and get 3.960 days premiums. We also provide the medical materials needed in the treatment, provided that they are covered by the Health Practice Communiqué. Citizens with at least 40 percent disability have the opportunity to refer directly to cancer, organ transplantation, and stem cell therapies. Hearing aid of hearing-impaired citizens and in case of medical necessity, the bionic ear price is paid by SGK. ”