06 February 2021

İŞKUR supports Turkey's special children!

İŞKUR supports Turkey's special children!

Yalova Branch of Beyazay Association organized greenhouse course for the low level mentally disabled individuals with the coordination İŞKUR (Publiv Employment Services of Turkey).

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services facilitates the participation of disabled citizens in employment by providing vocational training in different sectors through İŞKUR. Participating in the "Greenhouse Cultivation for Individuals with Low Level Mental Disabilities" course, the handicapped receive training in many subjects, from diligently watering flowers to care.

Participants also learn solidarity by helping each other in this course. With the greenhouse training given to lov level mentally disabled people in the course, it is ensured that they gain professional skills, to participate in employment and benefit from the rehabilitative features of vocational training.

Providing information about the course, Beyazay Association of Turkey Yalova Branch Course Instructor Gulnar Erol, "Yalova Labor and Employment Agency and Beyazay Association of Turkey Yalova Branch are giving the green house training to our special children with the cooperation," he said.

Kubilay Balant, who attended the course, stated that he wanted to do this profession in the future after completing the course.

Faruk Öztürk stated that he dreams of starting his own business with what he learned in the course.