05 December 2020

Turkey 5 times richer than the EU and the US on diversity in worship

The figures show that Turkey stands out against the west in terms of places of worship provided for different religious beliefs.

Turkey has a Christian Community of about 180000,  and about  20000 jews; making an average of 461 people for each non-Muslim place of worship all around the country, whereas in Europe and the United Stastes, are 2000 persons for each mosque.

On the other hand, Turkey is also the leading country by allocating budgets for the construction, maintenance and restoration of religious buildings of different faiths.

Since 2002, every year a new sacred place for worship of non-Muslim communities in Turkey has been restored demonstrating the importance Turkey holds for the values ​​of different faith groups.

The main places of worship that have been restored are as follows:

Hatay Iskenderun Greek Catholic Church, Diyarbakir Sur Armenian Protestant Church, Edirne Central Havra (Great Synagogue), Gokceada Ayamarina Greek Orthodox Church, Hatay Iskenderun Syrian Catholic Church, Gokceada Aya Nikola Church, Gaziantep Nizip Fevkani Church, Gaziantep Sahinbey Havra, Hatay Yayladagi Greek Orthodox Church, Ayvalik Cunda Taksiyarhis (Ayanikola) Church, Sveti Stefan Church, Iskenderun Arsuz Maryo Hanna Church, Istanbul Edirnekapi Aya Yorgi Church, Diyarbakir Sur Armenian Catholic Church, Istanbul Turisina Monastery, Kilis Central Synagogue, Gokceada Yildiz Village Chapel and Samandag Yogunoluk Village Armenian Church.

In accordance with the decree in 2011, most of the confiscated estates of the Foundations were returned, and 20 of them, which were not eligible to return were compensated.

Europe and the USA are less sensitive

According to UK National statistics data published in 2018, it was stated that 3 million 372 thousand 966 Muslims lived in England. In other words, 5% of the population of the UK -that counts up to 65 million 288 thousand- are Muslims.

According to the 2017 report of an NGO named "Muslims In Britain", there are approximately 2 thousand mosques in the country. This figure shows that there is one mosque for every 1701 Muslims.

In Germany, where 5 million Muslims live, the situation is not very different from the UK. There are 2 thousand 350 mosques in the country, and there is a mosque for an average of 2 thousand 200 Muslims, each.

864.108 Muslims live in the Netherlands. There are 491 mosques in the country where Muslims are 5 percent of the population which is approximately 18 million. In other words, there is a mosque for every 1733 Muslims.

In France, there is a population of approximately 67 million, 6 million of whom are Muslim. The total number of mosques in the country is estimated to be 2 thousand 419. The number of Muslims per mosque is around 2 thousand 400.

According to the report prepared by the North American Islamic Community, the American-Islamic Relations Council and the American Islamic Community, there are 2,193 mosques in the USA, where approximately 3.5 million live. This shows that there is a mosque for every 1600 Muslims in the country.