16 February 2021

No to Mobbing! Turkey’s success in taking steps against mobbing

No to Mobbing! Turkey’s success in taking steps against mobbing

The government does not allow employees exposed to mobbing. Thanks to the Alo 170 line, mobbing decreased by 32 percent in Turkey comparing 2019. The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zumrut Selçuk continues to work with the principle of 'zero tolerance' against mobbing at public workplaces.

In order to prevent acts such as deliberate and systematic humiliation, exclusion and especially intimidation of employees, we stand by the employees with ALO 170 line.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, recently attended the 'Women and Mobbing' meeting, underlined that they are sensitive to all kinds of counter actions within the scope of mobbing and said that mobbing has decreased after the ALO 170 line has started to work.

In this context, ALO 170 line, which also provides support in the field of fight against mobbing, provides assistance and support to employees through psychologists. 102.429 mobbing calls were received through ALO 170 line between 19.03.2011 and 31.12.2020, 5.957 of them turned into application for complaints. In 2019, 16.703 people were protected against mobbing. In 2020, the number decreased by 32 percent to 11.346.

Mobbing circular is issued

In addition to the support provided by the Ministry through the ALO 170 line, the Circular on Prevention of Mobbing at Workplaces was also published in 2011. In the Circular; All measures were taken to ensure that psychological harassment in workplaces is primarily the responsibility of the employer that employers not to expose employees to mobbing. In the circular, it was decided to include provisions preventing mobbing in collective bargaining agreements. Measures such as examining the psychological harassment complaints of the inspectors meticulously and finalizing them as soon as possible were also included.

Information guide is ready to be implemented

With the issue of the circular, an information guide consisting of documents on issues that need to be determined by the Ministry for the prevention of mobbing and to coordinate training activities was prepared and distributed to the relevant public institutions. In order to prevent mobbing in the workplace, some articles were included in the National Employment Strategy, which was valid until 2023. It was decided to implement regulations to combat against mobbing and discrimination in line with the basic policy of 'Increasing the Employment of Groups Requiring Special Policy'. In this direction, various studies are being carried out in the relevant institutions and organizations in order to implement the said measures in the article.