12 May 2020

Turkey launched the Healthy Tourism Certification Program.

Healthy Tourism Certification program, covers a broad range of measures which shall be taken towards transportation, accommodation, health condition of employees of the facilities and passengers. This certificate, which shall be granted by international certification institutions, will document the fulfilment of high level of health and hygiene requirements at airline companies, airports and other transportation, accommodation and food & beverage facilities.

Certification program of Turkey consists of 4 main pillars which are “Health and Safety of the Passenger”, “Health and Safety of the Employee”, “Precautions taken at Facilities” and “Precautions taken in terms of “Transportation”.

“Health and Safety of the Passenger”; covers the precautions which are required to be implemented in terms of passengers from the time of check-in until their check-out. Health and Safety of the Employee”; covers precautions with respect to ensuring physically and mentally healthy personnel at transportation, accommodation and food & beverage facilities.

Precautions taken at Facilities”, covers steps which are required to be taken in order to prevent spreading of the outbreak. In case of preventing such cases, processes that needs to be implemented by the accommodation, food & beverage facilities have been defined under the scope of the certificate. “Precautions taken in terms of Transportation vehicles”, includes certain measures and regulations for air, land and marine transportation.