30 December 2020

The leading country in the fight against coronavirus: Turkey

Turkey has successfully led world's challenging fight on coronavirus

Turkey provides all kinds of support to its citizens in order to get the least damage from the pandemic that affected the whole world.

453 patients who are not treated in their resident countries by air ambulance, 211 patients were brought to the air ambulance Turkey.

25 thousand citizens stuck in the countries due to coronavirus were transported to Turkey via Turkish Airlines.

Emergency and intensive care patient bed capacity was increased. 4 fully equipped and modern city hospitals and 16 new hospitals were opened in total.

Millions of free masks were delivered to the citizens through PTT and pharmacies. Turkey also has sent medical supplies and equipment to 156 countries.

Social benefit payments were made to millions of citizens within the scope of the epidemic

Within the scope of the fight against the pandemic, approximately 500 billion TL was provided to businesses and citizens. Millions of employees were paid with the short-term working subsidy.

Businesses were provided with rent and salary subsidy. The interest of debts to the state were deleted and the opportunity to restructure was offered to citizens.

VAT and premium payments postponed

Turkey provide tax and credit facilities for businesses to limit the impact of the pandemic on the economy. The declaration and payment period of income and corporate taxes has been extended. Withholding, VAT and premium payments of businesses in the sectors affected by the epidemic were postponed for 6 months.

Loan principal and interest payments to banks of companies, whose cash flows deteriorated, were postponed for 3 months and additional financing support was provided with a maturity of up to 6 months. From 10 million to 100 million TL the "Continuity for Businesses" loan was provided to all companies affected by the pandemic, under the condition of they would not reduce the number of employees.