31 March 2020

President Erdogan kicks off the national fundraising campaign to support the battle against Covid-19 pandemic

President Erdogan initiated the campaing “We are enough for each other”, donating his next seven salaries for the fight against Covid-19 On 30 March 2020, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan convened the cabinet via teleconference. Upon the cabinet meeting, President Erdogan gave an “Address to the Nation” speech. During his speech, President Erdogan said that he was going to donate his next seven salaries to inspire others and kick-off a nationwide fundraising campaign to help battling the coronavirus pandemic. Turkish Government has already announced many different support packages for the individuals, employees and businesses affacted by the volatile economic climate caused by the global pandemic. Accordingly, government passed a decree deferring the rents of small businesses, and the payment of the individual loan instalments. Explaining the reason of the campaign, President Erdogan stated: “Our goal is to help those financially struggling, especially daily wage workers, due to the precautions taken against the outbreak.” Several ministers, business people and celebrities have already joined the campaign as well. Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa Sentop, Turkey's Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva, singers Haluk Levent, Mustafa Ceceli, comedian Sahan Gokbakar and the CEO of Turk Telekom Umit Onal are among the namestohave joined the campaign so far.