23 January 2021

Governorship of Istanbul continued to deliver food aid

Food packages were distributed to those in need in Küçükçekmece by the Governorship of Istanbul.

150,000 food packages prepared to deliver to the the families those in need who are determined by the Istanbul Governorship with the social assistance and solidarity foundations operating under 39 district governorships, continues throughout the city.

In this context, food packages loaded in vehicles at Hacı Bektaşi Veli Anatolian High School were delivered to those in need with the participation of Küçükçekmece Social Assistance and Solidarity Association officials and a large number of volunteers.

The boxes prepared by the Governorship of Istanbul were distributed to families in need and citizens aged 65 and over with 40 vehicles.

The district governor Turan stated that they continue to deliver the food packages to the families in need, which were previously identified, and that the citizens aged 65 and over are not forgotten, and that a total of 150 thousand food packages have been distributed throughout the district.

Reminding that the distribution of the food packages has started with Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya’s visit to the families, Turan said, "Today, we will distribute food packages, prepared for our 3,690 households in total in Küçükçekmece, through Vefa Social support groups."

The governor of Istanbul continued his explanations as follows:

“In our 39 districts, our teams consisting of Police, Gendarmerie, National Education, Mufti, Municipality, AFAD, Red Crescent and other non-governmental organizations working in Vefa Communication Centers with the coordination of our District Governorships fulfill the calls and demands of our citizens.

The basic needs of 906,302 citizens were met

Since March 22, 2020, the calls of a total of 1,122,924 citizens across Istanbul have been responded. The basic needs of our 906,302 citizens were met. 831,527 home visits were made.

By the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations, 231,556 families determined to be in need in 2020, 177,638,691.94 TL in cash and 59,727 TL 20,991,630 aid were provided.

Last March, within the scope of VEFA services, we delivered 333 thousand food parcels to our citizens with the support of our charitable people. We thank our benefactors once again.”