10 February 2021

German physicians: Turkey in a much better situation than Germany in the vaccination

This statement came from the physicians in Germany. This statement came from the physicians in Germany. Both in terms of Turkey's vaccination program and vaccination infrastructure is in a much better situation than Germany.

Physicians in Germany feel that the Ministry of Health is not being honest with them and is also doing bad planning. In addition, almost every day in Germany, there are criticisms of the vaccination policy in newspapers. It is stated that there are serious problems in determining priority groups, especially in vaccination. Turkey is shown as a successful case in many areas from access to vaccines to competence of vaccination centers. Covid-19 vaccination in Germany has started on December 27 and on January 14 in Turkey. Although the vaccination started later than Germany in Turkey, the number of people vaccinated exceeds Germany.

On the other hand Covid-19 vaccine is being implemented in clinics and hospitals in Turkey. More importantly, where the people will be vaccinated is left to the people's own choice. But the situation in Germany is very critical. COVID-19 vaccine is implemented in geriatric care or vaccination centers where complementary health services are limited.

Another issue is the vaccine appointment system. The Appointments only takes 2 minutes to be vaccinated via web application in Turkey. But getting a vaccine appointment in Germany is a pain. Since it is almost impossible to make an appointment directly on the internet, citizens try to make an appointment by phone. Therefore, he/she has to wait on the phone for hours.

The most important issue is; Turkey began vaccination program with medical staff and all health care workers were vaccinated. Conversely doctors who deal with the most COVID-19 patients in Germany are still waiting for the vaccine.

German physicians point out that vaccination is progressing very slowly in Germany, probably not before the summer the que for them to get vaccinated. All officials on this issue, especially the German Health Minister, have not been able to find a solution to overcome the problem. Although physicians in the country have officially reported their criticism through various organizations and medical chambers, there is still no one to answer their requests.

Although the priority of vaccination was changed several times, the medical staff (except those working in intensive care and elderly dormitories) were not prioritized. And the doctors continue to work with great intensity every day, including weekdays and weekends.