06 January 2021

Elazig earthquake victims entered the new year in their new homes

Houses that is built by TOKI (Housing Development Administration) started to be delivered to the earthquake victims in Elazıg province, eastern Turkey.

As the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Elazig approaches, the people of the region take a sigh of relief in the city where life has begun to return to normal. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization started the construction of 20,118 residences through TOKI for those who lost their homes in the 6.8 magnitude earthquake on January 24, 2020.

Approximately 8,000 of those residences have been completed and started to be delivered to their owners. Earthquake victims, who started to settle in their new houses with the new year, experienced the happiness in a warm home.

Elazığ is located just like all other provinces in Turkey's earthquake line, has high seismic risk. In the earthquake that was felt in the surrounding provinces, the city was shaken by an earthquake of 5.3 magnitude on Sunday, January 24, 2020.

In the earthquake, 315 buildings collapsed and 2,424 buildings were severely damaged in the neighboring city of Malatya. 41 people lost their lives and 1,607 people were injured in the disaster that also hit Malatya province. After the disaster that occurred in January last year, 58 buildings collapsed and 428 buildings were severely damaged, thousands of people were left from their homes.