30 December 2020

Turkey: Short-Term Unempolyment Subsidy is Extended

Within the coronavirus restriction starting from 17th of November, restaurants and cafes are no longer in service, except home delivery services, and some sectors are completely stopped. However, only people who applied for subsidary before 30th of June have this fund. People who applied after 30th of June, did not have the opportunity to have the fund. Yesterday, a new decision has arrived that change the situation and short-term unemployment subsidy is applicable again. Short-term unemployment subsidy is applicable starting from the first of December. * Also new employees can apply the fund. * Starting from the first of December, workplaces will have the opportunity to have the fund in 3 months. It can be extended end of the June 2021. It is only applicable only trough e-devlet (e-government) until the 31st of December 2020. *A new arrangement was not made for the conditions of short-term unemployment subsidy. After the first of December, employees must be subject to a 60-day service contract and must have paid at least 450 days in the last 3 years. The payment amount has not been changed either. The fund will be determined as 60 percent of the average daily gross earning of employees, earning will be based on 12-month premium. The short-time unemployment subsidy cannot exceed 150 percent of the gross amount of the monthly minimum wage. * With the Presidential Decree published on the first of December, short-time unemployment subsidy will not be deducted from unemployment benefits. Thus, people who receive the fund will be able to fully benefit from unemployment benefits. *As before, the retirement pension of employees will not be paid by either the state or the employer during the periods of short work allowance.