01 March 2021

The Dutch Diplomat Praised the Turkey

Turkey’s health sector has been an example to other countries. World is discussing the success of Turkey's health sector. Moreover, a Dutch diplomat, praised Turkey’s implementations on health sector.  Bart Van Bolhuis, Consul General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, shared a post on the social networking platform Twitter. The Consul General posted his mother's photo and he described the difficult vaccination process in the Netherlands. Bolhuis stated that his mother's vaccine, which he stated to be 91 years old, was previously delayed due to weather conditions, and stated that he had to go to another place 60 km away to be vaccinated again. Bolhuis, by comparing Turkey with other countries, including Netherlands, said that Turkey's vaccination processes are more quality and fast.


Stating that he had to change cities to having his mother the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, Bolhuis said;

“Finally my dear mother (91) got her 1st vaccination in NL. Delayed before because of ‘weather conditions’ she had to drive to another province (60km). Turkey is doing much better.”